Forward Enabling

27.08.2023 – By 5H

Changing market situation has taught us to be on the line of flexible service ,as much as possible, since projects are not stabile and continuously funded.  

Jumping from project to project for the different clients in the right time and with new agenda, that we called Forward Enabling, gave as possibility to efficiently answer to all questions and tasks presented to us by our clients during ongoing project operations.

Our current organization design efforts are mainly focused on Project oriented IT Companies.

What is Forward Enabling?

This is Enabling concept developed by 5H team with simple rules:

  1. Analyze processes and collect data in one form/tool,
  2. Build up custom made service products that will bring forward all process discrepancies and simplify reporting and analysis tasks,
  3. Organize collaboration platforms to bring findings to attention of key stakeholders, 
  4. Coach clients to foster available service products, keep them in good shape and go forward with enabling of efficiency.

Reach us to hear more and We Will Organize 1 Hour Meeting to Create the Possibility for You to take part in Forward Enabling!

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