It Has Been 2 Months Exploring with 5H!

14.07.2023 – By 5H


Our Idea was to Reach Audience and Potential Clients with Single Idea on Our Mind, and that is “Enabling Agenda”!

HR Market and its traditional Way of Functioning is Changing Rapidly in Due to the Increased Need For Automation and High Necessity of Organizations to Build up and Bring Advanced HR Concepts On Board.

Our Idea Was to Offer 8 Major Services and Along the Way We Created 5 Products:

A. Salary Survey Benchmark Tool,

B. Job Grading Tool,

C. Labor Cost Budgeting Tool,

D. Salary Review Tool – Mass Changes,

E. Salary Dashboard Tool – Individual Changes.

We Will promote Our Products in the Following Weeks.

We Encourage You to Keep in Touch With Out Website and Be Among First to Preview Presentation of our Newly Launched Products.


Jun 2023 was Exciting Month for 5H Team.

There Were Lots of Researching and Reaching Out to Potential Clients.

Most of The Jun 2023 Efforts from Our Side Were in the Direction to:

  • Highlight The Advantages of Possibility to Hire Us As Consulting Company in Comparison to Hire Internal Staff,
  • Highlight The Transfer of Value that We Can Bring to the Organizations by Enabling of Our Concepts, Services and Products,
  • Highlight Our Fast and Efficient Implementation Agenda.

The Result of Our Efforts Were that Initial offers Were Issued and Initial Offers were Accepted!

We are Busy Now and Happy to Share our Increasing Enthusiasm for the Future Projects.

Reach Us and We Will Organize 1 Hour Meeting to Create the Possibility for You to Enable Your Efficient HR Services Agenda!

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In Novi Sad, 10.07.2023

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