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    Reviewed Work Agenda and Offer 2024 From the Jun, 3-th 2024 5H Services will introduce modified work hours and reviewed offer: Appointments/Meetings: Trainings/work groups: Reviewed Offer 2024:

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    Our 2024 Offer is out Now! Upon finalization of 2024. Winter Season Offer, we are Now Out With 2024. Offer that Will Stand to The End of 2024. So what is New? In 2024. Our Offer Will Change in Line with the Feedbacks We Received During Winter Season. I. We will Be Present on The…

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  • Trening HR Budžetiranje

    Trening HR Budžetiranje

    16.11.2023 – By 5H BLACK FRIDAY ponuda! Pogledajte ponudu i osigurajte sebi slojevit i kvalitetan HR trening. Black Friday 2023. kampanja je završena. . Kind regards 5H Services Team

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  • 5H Product – Tools Development

    5H Product – Tools Development

    14.09.2023 – By 5H In the simple words of Our Chief Executive Enabler (CEE). Please Check Out our New Section: Our Products-Tools Reach us and We Will Organize 1 Hour Meeting to Create the Possibility for You to Understand better Our Products-Tools! Our Contact Details In Novi Sad, 11.09.2023

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  • Forward Enabling

    Forward Enabling

    27.08.2023 – By 5H Changing market situation has taught us to be on the line of flexible service ,as much as possible, since projects are not stabile and continuously funded.   Jumping from project to project for the different clients in the right time and with new agenda, that we called Forward Enabling, gave as possibility…

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